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Daily Archives: July 8, 2014

How to Keep the Bathroom Safe for Everyone

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Many of us are more concerned with the aesthetics of our home, including in specific spaces such as the bathroom. That is fine as long as you also take safety into consideration.

Here are some tips for you to keep the bathroom safe for everyone.

The bathroom floor can be slippery when wet – that is already a given. You can actually help prevent accidents by choosing floor tiles that are especially made to withstand wetness, so that these continue to be ‘anti-slip’ no matter how wet the floor might already be.

It is also a good option to install grab bars along the walls, within easy reach for those who slip on the wet floor surface. Anti-slip mats also make a great addition to the floors to ensure the users will be less prone to slipping on the wet surface.

Effects on Electronics

Never scrimp when it comes to any form of electronics, especially those you have to place in the bathroom. Moisture can have serious effects on electronics inside the bathroom, so make sure these are specifically made to be waterproof and able to withstand prolonged exposure to moisture and humidity.

As much as possible, do not put electrical outlets inside the bathroom unless absolutely necessary. Water and electricity make a deathly combination. You want to avoid accidents, for sure. Now, if there really is a need for electrical outlets in the bathroom, place them as far away from the water as possible.

As a rule of thumb, if there are small kids and toddlers in the house, make sure that the bathroom door has a second lock which they could not reach. This is especially useful if you have a bathtub. Kids are often drawn to water, which could be fatal to small ones. Remember, babies can drown in just an inch deep of water.

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