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Daily Archives: July 25, 2014

Kitchen Safety Tips in Your Home

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Did you know that the kitchen is the most dangerous place in your house? Here are some of the best safety tips we can share with you to ensure that your home has a safe kitchen.

Your kitchen is full of sharp and pointed items that could be hazardous to people, young and old alike. As much as possible, make sure to keep these sharp items as far away from the edge as possible. Make this a rule for everyone in the house to follow, especially when there are small kids around.

The kitchen also experience heavy traffic, especially if this is also where your dining table is located. Make sure to choose floors that could withstand heavy traffic. As much as possible, avoid using carpets and soft materials as floor in the kitchen.

Keep Kids Outside the Kitchen

It is always important to keep the kitchen floors clean, especially after cooking greasy meals such as frying fish or pork. Also, make sure to clean up spills immediately, to ensure that no one slips on it. Food spills also attract ants, so the soonest you clean up, the better it will be.

Avoid putting heavy or bulky materials on upper shelves, especially these are stored in glass containers. As a rule of thumb, the bulkier the items, the lower they should be on the shelf.

Keep electronic appliances out of children’s reach. This rule also holds true for stoves and ovens. If possible, keep kids outside the kitchen until they are old enough to understand kitchen rules and safety. Better yet, instruct them to stay safe in the kitchen and teach them all safety rules.

Food safety is very important. Make sure you wash cutting boards used for raw meat as soon as possible. These can be breeding grounds for bacteria. Also, make use of different cutting boards for raw meat and for vegetables or spices.

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