Surprising Health Hazards Of A Typical Family Home

There are many hidden hazards lurking in our homes. We all know about electricity, carbon monoxide, gas explosions and the potential of receiving nasty burns. But is there anything else we should be keeping our eyes open for?

Well, to put it simply, yes there is. And some of them may surprise you. The four hazards listed below are fairly typical for many households, yet few of us actually do anything about them. In fact, most people are barely aware they are a hazard at all. So without further ado, let’s get down to it and discover four surprising health risks that could be lurking in your home.

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Although you might not think it, the humble doorknob can be one of the worst areas in the entire house for germs and bacteria. Why? Because it is one of the most touched, and the least cleaned. Most people will automatically use a handle to open and close the door, and that includes visitors to your home. Make sure you are disinfecting your door handles at least once a day because you just don’t know where people’s hands have been.

Air Conditioning

Is your air con on the blink? If so, then find an AC repair service as soon as possible. There are health risks that can rear their ugly head if you don’t fix your air conditioning, especially if you have frailer members of society in your household. The elderly, the young, and anyone with breathing conditions can often find their condition worsens. And, it’s from all the bacteria and germs that can build up in air conditioning units. Put simply, it’s not healthy for your kids, no matter how much fruit and veg you give them.

Carpet mold

Get the feeling there’s a dampness to your living space, but can’t quite locate it? There’s a good chance your carpet is the root of the musty smell. Any carpet area is susceptible to mold and fungus, especially in damp areas. And the problem is, you may not even realise it because it often develops from underneath. Mold spores can cause problems for people with breathing difficulties, so it is essential that you address the damage. Vinegar, pure alcohol and a little cleaning liquid are a good mix to tackle the problem.


When was the last time you checked for lead? Nope, same here. If you live in a house that was built before 1978, there is a reasonable chance that you have tiny molecules of lead paint floating around in the atmosphere. Before people realised quite how dangerous lead was, they used it in everything – including paint. And over the years, that paint has degraded, floated off into the atmosphere, and possibly ended up in the lungs of you and your family. Hire a professional tester to ease your fears if you have any.

We hope this has highlighted some areas of concern that may affect your family’s health. Of course, there are many other dangers lurking in the home, but these are fairly easy fixes. If you have an unexplained illness in your household, then maybe it could be down to one of these factors. Be sure to get things tested to find out.