Get Psyched Up for Your Bike Tour

Are you getting ready to go on a major bike tour? If so, you are probably getting psyched up and can’t wait to start your trip, but hold on! You have some work to do before you leave. Whether you are a brand new cyclist or have logged a slew of miles on previous bike trips, you’re going to need to train for 12 weeks before hitting the road. During these pre-trip months, focus on exercise, food, rest, and gathering your gear before you head out.

For exercise, you need to commit to a weekly schedule that includes four days of cycling and two days of cross training, such as jogging, yoga planks, and other core strengthening exercises. If you lift weights, do so for only one day a week so you don’t tire out your muscles. Your diet should include plenty of carbs, protein, and fluids. Since you’ll be doing a lot of riding, make sure you get enough electrolytes and sodium to replace what you lose through sweating. Some great snacks to keep you energized are dried fruit, energy bars, energy gels, and pretzels.

There is a lot of preparation to get your ready for your bike tour, but it will be well worth it, because you’ll feel fit and ready to tackle any terrain. To learn more about training for your upcoming journey, check out this infographic.

Psyched for Cycling: Preparing for a Bike Tour | Bicycle Adventures Infographic
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