More Signs of Sasquatch Cont.

As I said before the prints were very deep and indicative of being made by a very large animal. In comparison, our footprints in the area, made almost no impression whatsoever in the soft and spongy forest floor. There were multiple other signs in the immediate area and some appeared to be from a juvenile or number of juvenile animals. First hand observation of the other signs added to our conviction that we were in fact looking at Bigfoot tracks. I would have included more of these photographs in this blog but, as I said earlier, the pictures don’t really do them justice.

The above photograph is from the same location as the previous but with the tape measure removed. It more clearly shows the left toe print just below the twig in the upper left corner of the photo. Unfortunately, the outline, depth and contour of the tracks were not nearly as discernible as was the case with the live observation.

Bigfoot have been observed grazing in blueberry patches on multiple occasions in the past. The fact that these signs and prints were found within a few feet of a very large wild blueberry patch was not surprising.

This is a picture of an imprint that we found within the blueberry patch itself. It was very similar in size and shape to several of the prints we found in the grass next to the first prints we found on the gravel road.
This photograph is the same as the one above only I have my hubby size 14 in the middle of it for perspective.

By the way, the wild blueberries were delicious. Much better than the store bought kind.