Chomping at the Bit to Start Gardening

One of the things that I like to do during the summer season is gardening. Since I am an outdoor person and am used to tropical weather, the summer season here is my favorite. Summer season in northern Minnesota is the best- not too hot, just right!

Every year, I am always looking forward to getting my garden started and hoping for a good crop. Last year, my harvest was not that great. It was very dry and even when I watered the plants on a regular basis, I still could not come out ahead of the drought. The only plants that produced a good harvest were the squash despite the short growing season we have here up north. I managed to harvest eight good sized squash.  If we had a longer growing season, I would be able to get more.  Unfortunately, I had to harvest them the day after we experienced a hard freeze the night before.  The squash were OK but the leaves were totally frost bitten.

The year 2014 was my best year gardening since I got here.  We had a good crop of sweet corn, string beans, okra, red potatoes, strawberries, bokchoy and grape tomatoes.  Both my hubby and I really enjoyed eating our own organic produce.  That very same year was my first try at planting some grape tomatoes and they turned out really well.  Due to that success, I did plant some again the following year but unfortunately, they did not do well.  I supposed it was probably because of the dry weather.  I will try again this year.

I like grape tomatoes.  I don’t usually like to eat tomatoes but the grape tomatoes are an exception.  In general, tomatoes tend to have a funky smell and texture but with the grape tomatoes, they have a mild sweet smell and are crunchy too.

My hubby likes red potatoes so I will be planting some of them this year, along with strings beans and okra.  I had a lot of fun harvesting the potatoes.  They were the last ones to be harvested because they are tough and tend to survive during mild freezing temperatures.  Harvesting potatoes feels like digging for gold 🙂 .

In 2014, we tried planting some strawberry plants and they turned out really well.  The strawberries were oh so sweet and tasty compared to the ones you buy in the store that we are anxious to try them again this year.  If the weather cooperates this year, we are looking forward to getting some more of super sweet and tasty strawberries again.

I really enjoy gardening but sometimes it is discouraging, especially when mother nature doesn’t cooperate. Regardless, I can’t wait.  I am chomping at the bit to get my gardening started.


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    I LOVE to garden. I’ve gotten so busy, I haven’t been able to have one for a couple of years. Back when I did have one, it was epic. I had a ginormous plot.

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    I moved back in November and my new place has room to garden so i’m really excited to give it a shot. Unfortunately winter weather is still hanging around. Here in MI we had enough snow last week that it stayed on the ground for about 3 days. Bleck!

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      Same here in MN. It seems like the winter weather doesn’t want to go away.

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    I love the summer season as well. I always want to start gardening but just don’t have the time.

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    we are planning on starting a garden this summer, I am hoping that I do not make all my veggies die when we do it!

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    This will be my first summer in Michigan and I am so looking forward to starting my garden! We don’t close on our house until mid-May though, and it can’t come soon enough.

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    I wish that I had room for a garden. I tried growing tomatoes in a planter and it didn’t work out so well.

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    I love gardening! I hope to have a small garden this year. I should get ready for it now. It’s been so nice out the past couple days. I hope it stays this way.

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    What a great produce you had during those years! Hoping you’ll have a fruitful garden this year too. Those grape tomatoes looks so good!

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    Your gardening veggies look so pretty. I want to grow some this year as well although I’ll have to do it in pots instead of a garden area.

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    Your veggies and fruits look so pretty! I want to grow some this year as well although I’ll have to do it in pots since the bunnies eat anything on the ground!

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    I’ve been trying to grow Strawberries in my backyard but never made any progress 🙁 You did an awesome job!

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    I will be planting an edible garden this yeah in my back yard. I can’t wait to see how everything turns out, and to taste all of it.

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