In the Light of Day

The next morning my brother called to tell me about his fascinating encounter of the previous evening. I drove over to his place to help him investigate the area. Sure enough we found a clear trail in the exact direction which the sounds that he heard had come from. Because of the nature of the surface of the forest floor and the newly fallen carpet of leaves, it was difficult to get any really good photos of the prints but the two shown below actually turned out better than I had anticipated.


There were several other less distinguishable prints along the trail that showed the presence of a large and heavy foot which had crushed several rotten adjacent branches and large areas of green lichens which had been freshly flattened. There were several leaf covered prints which had left deep impressions in the underlying soft ground. I could feel the distinct human like shape of the prints by putting my number fourteen size shoe into the depressions. In a swampy area, we found one print that must have sunk into the ground four to six inches and then filled with water.

Neither of us was left with any doubt as to what had made the tracks. We both hope to have more encounters in the future with our big and hairy friends.