Where Do They Go in the Winter?

After all of the signs of Big Foot in this area last summer and fall, it still remains a mystery where they go during the winter. With all the deep snow around at this time of the year, it would seem that their unique tracks would be easy to spot. It seems they leave very few hints during the winter time as to their whereabouts. Of all the pictures and imprints of tracks that I have seen rarely are they found in the snow.

Two theories seem to prevail. The first is that they migrate south to a warmer climate for the winter and then return in the spring. There seems to be some evidence to support this thesis but I would think that there would be more sightings and track evidence during these times of the year. If they were traveling long distances during those time of the year there would seem to be more tracks and sightings, especially when crossing major highways.

The other theory is that they bed down for the winter in caves or low lying spruce stands where they may have stored up food to last them the winter. It almost seems that they are very wary of the fact that when they leave a trail in the snow they are easy to follow.

Maybe they are a lot like people. Some are snowbirds that head south for the winter and others like to stay and tough it out. Regardless, I find this an interesting subject to study as we continue to try to learn more about these mysterious creatures of the forest.