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Daily Archives: February 27, 2017

Is There a Difference Between Bottled and Filtered Water?

Is bottled water different to household water that has been filtered?


If you own a building that is used as a business premises, or is home to an organization, you will want to make sure that you can provide clean drinking water for the people who use the building on a regular basis. You may decide to do this by offering bottled water to them. Is this really the best solution?

You may be aware of the problems that can arise if water is drunk straight from the tap, and think that bottled water is a safer and cleaner alternative. We are going to look at why this is not necessarily the case. We are also going to consider why filtering your water supply is a better solution.

Why bottled water is not better than tap water

You may be interested to learn that there is no guarantee that the water people drink from a bottle is any safer and cleaner than the water they drink from a tap. As you may be aware, tap water can be contaminated with dirt, chemicals and other additives. The same can be said for bottled water.

The other downside of bottled water is that the bottles are not good for the environment. Many of them end up in landfill or even floating in the ocean. You can see that it’s not necessarily a good idea to provide bottled water for people to drink. Filtering the water that is supplied to the building is a better option. We are going to look at why this is the case.

Why should you filter water instead of buying bottles?

If you filter the water that comes into your building, you can ensure that it’s safe and tasty to drink. It’s also affordable, compared to purchasing bottled water, if you consider ongoing costs. You can find drinking water fountains for sale online and have them fitted in your building. You may also want to consider other water filtering options; it’s important to research products carefully.

Water filtration systems can make use of physical filtration and chemical filtration. Physical filtration uses a membrane to capture unwanted contaminants and remove them from the water. Chemical filtration removes contaminants from the water and leaves it in a clean and fresh condition. This means that you are certain of providing people with an effective supply of drinking water.

If you need to provide water to people who use your building you want to make sure that it’s safe to drink. You also want to provide people with a drink that tastes good. It may be tempting to just buy in some bottled water, but as you can see this is not proven to be the best water to drink, and you may also be damaging the environment.

If you want to provide the best possible water for people to drink, you should filter the water that comes from the tap. There are plenty of different water filtration solutions on the market so you should be able to find one that fits with your budget.