29 inches northern pike

Ice fishing is a big thing here in the northern Minnesota. Many brave the cold just to go fish. Not me, I would rather stay home in front of the roaring wood burning stove. I can wait for the spring season to come. I would not even let my husband go ice fishing as well. Even though the ice is very thick and can hold thousands of weights, I can’t take my mind off thinking about the danger of falling through the ice. Accidents can happen to anyone when you least expect it. My husband says that I am just hypochondriac, he won’t go fishing when the ice is not thick enough anyway. Well, I rather be hypochondriac than be sorry if something happens.

Many go out with 2.5 inches of good ice for walking but it is recommended to be at least double that. It has been very cold recently and the ice in the lake is very thick but it was reported in the 5 o’clock news that two people and their SUV fell through the ice. They were probably in areas with swift currents where ice hasn’t formed well, leaving open areas which freeze with much thinner ice.

I find ice fishing boring as well. I can’t stay in one place for the whole trip. I want to move from one side of the lake to another. I get bored fishing during the summer season when I can’t catch fish one after another, much more so when I have to stay and wait for hours before I can catch one. That drives me crazy and not to mention being out in the cold? No way! Ice fishing is just not my thing.