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Helpful Hacks for Your Home

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There are things that can make your life much easier at home. We’ve rounded out some of these useful tips you might find useful for your home.

The best and safest way to clean cat litters is to line the tray with a garbage bag before pouring the sand.

If you are doing some painting around the house, it would be easier for you to clean the paint tray if you first line it with aluminum foil. So, after painting, you simply have to pull out the foil and the tray is ready again. No need to bother with washing off the paint.

Mason jars are perfect as storage for muffin liners and other kitchen items.

If you want to enjoy clear ice cubes [as opposed to the cloudy ones you usually get], you must use boiled water to fill your ice cube trays. Make sure the water has cooled a bit before placing inside the fridge.

Chalk [the ones used by teachers!] can be handy in the closet. Hang a couple of sticks inside the closet to get rid of excess moisture.

Use used toilet paper rolls to organize your cables and wires.

If your kids are so artistic they decided to use crayons to decorate your walls, don’t worry because the marks can be removed using WD-40.

Organizing the Closet

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The items inside your closet might be hidden from view but that does not mean you do not have to organize this space inside your bedroom.

Here are tips on how you can organize your closet.

How big is your closet? If it is small, then you might want to get rid of the items that you do not use anymore, so you can make room for new ones or to keep it as clutter-free as possible.

Now, the key to a better organized closet is the use of items that free up space yet also provide spots for organizing. These you can find in home improvement sections in the mall.

For example, if you share a closet with someone else, then you can divide the closet at the middle, so each person will have his/her own space to prevent mix ups.

Organizer Options

Use baskets or drawers to sort smaller items, such as socks and underwear. Ties, scarves, and belts can be hung at the door of closet. You can also find plenty of organizer options, such as bag racks and organizers you can hang at the door or on the hanger bar.

If your drawers are deep or large, you can use small boxes to separate items from each other. You can even create your own using cereal boxes, if needed.

As for sorting the clothes and other items inside the closet, a good rule of thumb is to arrange them depending on how you use them. For example, you can allocate several shelves for casual clothes while others are for rugged use. Formal wear, gowns, dresses, and corporate attires are best hung on hangers.

For items you do not use often, such as special gowns or seasonal clothes, store them inside labeled garment boxes or containers before placing in the back or lowest portions of the closet.

Home Improvement Ideas

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Most people think that home improvement is best left to the experts. Well, that might be true in many instances, such as installing large items that involve electronics and water systems, but you can actually do a lot of things by yourself at home.

The good news is that there are many videos and step-by-step guides you can find on the web, to help give you new ideas for improving your home.

The living room is a great place to work on, especially if you want to make it more welcoming to guests yet also add your own touch. Update your living room by changing the colors of the walls, adding new curtains and drapes, using new colors on the throw pillows, or adding new photos of your family.

Provide Additional Unique Décor

Framed photographs might not be your thing but canvass paintings or printed tarpaulins are becoming the ‘in’ thing these days. You can use a blown up image of your favorite tourist spot or a wacky family photo to liven things up.

If you know how to build furnishings, the web is full of ideas for new furnishings, built-ins, and shelves that are actually easy to do. You can mix and match these DIY furniture to provide added storage to your home while also providing additional unique décor.

It might be time to change items around the house. For example, if you’ve had that living couch for 15 years, it might be time to send it to the junk yard and buy yourself a new one. This is also a good time to think of new items to add to your home, such as that TV screen you’ve been eyeing for months or a comfortable bean bag you’ve always wished for.

How you improve your home largely depends on your knowledge in decorating as well as your budget. But you can do one project at a time, to eventually enjoy the ‘renewed’ house.

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29 inches northern pike

Ice fishing is a big thing here in the northern Minnesota. Many brave the cold just to go fish. Not me, I would rather stay home in front of the roaring wood burning stove. I can wait for the spring season to come. I would not even let my husband go ice fishing as well. Even though the ice is very thick and can hold thousands of weights, I can’t take my mind off thinking about the danger of falling through the ice. Accidents can happen to anyone when you least expect it. My husband says that I am just hypochondriac, he won’t go fishing when the ice is not thick enough anyway. Well, I rather be hypochondriac than be sorry if something happens.

Many go out with 2.5 inches of good ice for walking but it is recommended to be at least double that. It has been very cold recently and the ice in the lake is very thick but it was reported in the 5 o’clock news that two people and their SUV fell through the ice. They were probably in areas with swift currents where ice hasn’t formed well, leaving open areas which freeze with much thinner ice.

I find ice fishing boring as well. I can’t stay in one place for the whole trip. I want to move from one side of the lake to another. I get bored fishing during the summer season when I can’t catch fish one after another, much more so when I have to stay and wait for hours before I can catch one. That drives me crazy and not to mention being out in the cold? No way! Ice fishing is just not my thing.

Kitchen Safety Tips in Your Home

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Did you know that the kitchen is the most dangerous place in your house? Here are some of the best safety tips we can share with you to ensure that your home has a safe kitchen.

Your kitchen is full of sharp and pointed items that could be hazardous to people, young and old alike. As much as possible, make sure to keep these sharp items as far away from the edge as possible. Make this a rule for everyone in the house to follow, especially when there are small kids around.

The kitchen also experience heavy traffic, especially if this is also where your dining table is located. Make sure to choose floors that could withstand heavy traffic. As much as possible, avoid using carpets and soft materials as floor in the kitchen.

Keep Kids Outside the Kitchen

It is always important to keep the kitchen floors clean, especially after cooking greasy meals such as frying fish or pork. Also, make sure to clean up spills immediately, to ensure that no one slips on it. Food spills also attract ants, so the soonest you clean up, the better it will be.

Avoid putting heavy or bulky materials on upper shelves, especially these are stored in glass containers. As a rule of thumb, the bulkier the items, the lower they should be on the shelf.

Keep electronic appliances out of children’s reach. This rule also holds true for stoves and ovens. If possible, keep kids outside the kitchen until they are old enough to understand kitchen rules and safety. Better yet, instruct them to stay safe in the kitchen and teach them all safety rules.

Food safety is very important. Make sure you wash cutting boards used for raw meat as soon as possible. These can be breeding grounds for bacteria. Also, make use of different cutting boards for raw meat and for vegetables or spices.

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How to Keep the Bathroom Safe for Everyone

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Many of us are more concerned with the aesthetics of our home, including in specific spaces such as the bathroom. That is fine as long as you also take safety into consideration.

Here are some tips for you to keep the bathroom safe for everyone.

The bathroom floor can be slippery when wet – that is already a given. You can actually help prevent accidents by choosing floor tiles that are especially made to withstand wetness, so that these continue to be ‘anti-slip’ no matter how wet the floor might already be.

It is also a good option to install grab bars along the walls, within easy reach for those who slip on the wet floor surface. Anti-slip mats also make a great addition to the floors to ensure the users will be less prone to slipping on the wet surface.

Effects on Electronics

Never scrimp when it comes to any form of electronics, especially those you have to place in the bathroom. Moisture can have serious effects on electronics inside the bathroom, so make sure these are specifically made to be waterproof and able to withstand prolonged exposure to moisture and humidity.

As much as possible, do not put electrical outlets inside the bathroom unless absolutely necessary. Water and electricity make a deathly combination. You want to avoid accidents, for sure. Now, if there really is a need for electrical outlets in the bathroom, place them as far away from the water as possible.

As a rule of thumb, if there are small kids and toddlers in the house, make sure that the bathroom door has a second lock which they could not reach. This is especially useful if you have a bathtub. Kids are often drawn to water, which could be fatal to small ones. Remember, babies can drown in just an inch deep of water.

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