BFRO Pictures

My contact at the BFRO is a real fanatic when it comes to chasing big foot. He spends all of his spare time in the pursuit of evidence that will prove this mythical creature to be real. The first time he visited me, he showed me extremely impressive pictures of footprints, trail cam and night vision video which was very convincing.

The picture below is one of a trail of thirty tracks that were recently found in this area. The print was about fourteen inches long and six inches wide. Small compared to the nineteen inch monster that we found recently but impressive nevertheless. The most convincing aspect is the clearly defined toe prints. Also impressive is the obvious depth of the track. The composition of the gravel surface is nearly identical to that where our nineteen inch track was found. The weight of this animal would have had to been in the eight hundred to one thousand pound range at a minimum.


The most fascinating picture that he showed me was one that I can’t share with you because the individual who took the picture on a trail cam has not agreed to release it yet for public consumption. The picture appeared to be the chin and nose of a sasquatch. Apparently, the creature had ripped the trail cam from the tree and accidentally photographed a portion of its face before discarding the camera and moving on. My BFRO contact is currently trying to get the picture released for public viewing. If that happens I will certainly post a copy of it here.