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The Kitchen on the Move

A kitchen in the food industry can be a complicated network of moving items shuffling to and from various locations, and at times it can seem that kitchen as home are much the same way. There is always something that needs to be moved from one counter to the other, food transferred to a different pan, and so on. The list of reasons to want an easier way to move the big appliances in the kitchen are nearly endless, and a good deal of the things in the kitchen are much too heavy to move without some form of assistance.

Wheeling Around

Thankfully there are food service casters that people can purchase to attach to those difficult-to-move items. There are a great deal of different types of casters, for nearly any occasion, that can be attached. Some of these focus more on the look of the caster, whereas others on the functionality with features like bumpers and wheel locks. For instance, Access Casters Inc. has three different categories: the standard caster, the industry caster, and the components.

A Few Uses

There is always a time when the space in the kitchen just isn’t setup properly for the task at hand. Perhaps it is right before the holidays and a lot of baking needs to be done, but all of the counter space is too split up for anything to be done without a lot of useless movement. Of course, that situation is easily solved with these delightful casters (wheels) on the bottoms of the counters. All of the counters can be wheeled together to create an easy and fun baking workstation.

However, that’s not even mentioning the fact that moving all the appliances and big furniture in the kitchen can be a real pain in the back when everything needs to be cleaned. After a long day of throwing ingredients into a pan, mixing bowl, and back and forth between counters, there is bound to be some scrap of food left stuck in-between or behind the appliances, which is where the casters pop in. Moving the kitchen around to do a deep clean is a simple task when those heavy items can be pushed or pulled out of the way.

At the end of the day, the casters will have enabled a person to redesign the kitchen on a whim to fit their current needs and allowed them to clean in places that might otherwise go unnoticed.

Create a Stunning Back Yard With Outdoor Features

Whether you have a backyard deck, patio or open grassy area, you can create an outdoor space where you’ll love spending time. Adding a few design features to your back yard can turn a plain, boring yard into a stunning backyard retreat that’s perfect for entertaining family and friends or just relaxing on a nice afternoon.

Outdoor Fire Pit

Outdoor Wicker Daybed - Santa Barbara

An outdoor fire pit is easy to build and install. It’s much smaller, lower to the ground and less expensive than an outdoor fireplace. Since it has no chimney, there are no city code regulations or city permits to deal with. It can be installed on your deck, patio or right in the back yard. The interior of the fire pit contains a fire retardant firebox for safely burning wood, and the surrounding walls are usually built from fireproof materials like concrete, stone or brick. A fire pit can be designed and built in any size and shape with or without a seating ledge. If you want a seating ledge around your fire pit plan a height of at least 18 to 20 inches.

Outdoor Spa

An outdoor spa is a great backyard feature that the entire family can enjoy. It’s a wonderful way to relax after a stressful day, rejuvenate tired, sore muscles after exercise, or warm up after a dip in the pool. Outdoor spas come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes with in-ground and above-ground installation. To create a romantic oasis, install your spa in a quiet corner of the yard surrounded by lush greenery and soft landscape lighting. If you want practicality and convenience, install your spa on your deck or patio with comfortable wicker furniture chairs and ottomans or loungers.

Outdoor Kitchen

Wicker Patio - Sonoma - Large Dining

An outdoor kitchen will expand your indoor living space and provide endless opportunities for outdoor entertaining. Whether it’s hot dogs on the grill with the kids or a gourmet dinner with friends, an outdoor kitchen will provide years of outdoor enjoyment. If you have a deck or patio that’s attached to the house, this provides a convenient location that will make cooking, serving and cleanup easier and faster. By including a comfortable outdoor dining area with a durable, all-weather dining table and chair set from Wicker Paradise, you can cook and dine outdoors year-round. For chilly evenings, outdoor heaters will make dining more comfortable.

5 Ways To Get Your Children To Eat Their Fruit And Veg

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You’ve probably tried hiding the peas inside the mashed potato. You might have tried cutting the carrots up really small and hidden them around the plate. There are so many ways to try and sneak fruit and vegetables into our child’s diet. As parents, we’ve tried them all! We really struggled getting the little ones to eat fruit and vegetables early on. But, over the years, we’ve developed some fantastic routines that really help.

These aren’t shortcuts either. These are big things that will actively turn your veg haters, into veg lovers! Sneaking in the good stuff only leads to a difficult relationship with healthy food further down the line. The trick is to convert them entirely. Here’s how.

1. One meal for the whole family

We made a big mistake when the kids started to go to school. We would often cook two separate meals. One for the children when they got back from school, and one for me and my partner later on. It became a habit that took a long time to break. We found that when we all ate together, healthy foods were eaten much more heartily. Kids still want to follow your lead. When you’re all eating together they’re less likely to rebel against it.

 2. Grow them yourself

First of of all, home grown fruit and veg just tastes better! If you’ve ever done it, you’ll know the sweet, tangy, juicy flavours are all magnified when you home grow. Immediately you’ll have better tasting food on the table which the kids will prefer. Secondly, they’ll get to be involved in the process. We mail order our fruit trees from and the little ones love it. When they’re involved, they’re less likely to push the good stuff aside.

 3. Introduce new foods slowly

This is one area where it does sometimes work to cut them up small. But not too small! Don’t hide them or sneak them in. Explain to them that there’s something new on the plate and let them try small chunks. Try to work it in their favour. For example, tell them that if they eat the spinach they’ll get strong like Popeye! Surprisingly effective.

 4. Let them cook with you

We’ve always included the little ones in our baking and cooking sessions. Kids, by nature, love to get involved in adult activities. It lets them feel special and included. It all started with little cup cakes and they caught the cooking bug. We’re convinced one of ours will grow up to be a famous chef! Obviously, you’ll have to take care of their safety but it’s a great skill for them to develop. When they see how it all comes together, they’re less scared of the veg!

 5. Don’t be too forceful

Finally, don’t try to force it. Telling them they’re not leaving until they eat everything on the plate is counterproductive. They’ll just push back against it and those habits will solidify.

Follow these tips and you’ll soon have carrot loving little ones at the dinner table! Working a healthy diet into their routine is so important. Try one of these tips and let us know if it works for you.

Could You Be a Famous YouTube Chef?

When you are downloading videos with your Youtube Downloader you have probably noticed that there are quite a few great Youtube chefs online who offer informative and entertaining tutorials on cooking skills and techniques. A number of celebrity chefs have cooking channels, including Alton Brown, Jamie Oliver and Gordon Ramsay. These professional chefs use their Youtube channel as a way of sharing their knowledge of cooking with their fans.

But what if you also love cooking and want to share your skills and recipes with the world? It is possible to set up your own Youtube cooking channel and this helpful infographic shows you how.

After revealing some interesting stats about the most famous Youtube cooking stars, the infographic shows you how you can set up your own channel and make money when viewers see your video. It offers tips on how to build a viewership and create a video library, which will help to increase the amount of views that you get. With this helpful info you will be able to create your channel and get started on your journey to being a famous Youtube Chef.

YouTube’s Famous Chefs – An infographic by the team at youtubedownload