Helpful Hacks for Your Home

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There are things that can make your life much easier at home. We’ve rounded out some of these useful tips you might find useful for your home.

The best and safest way to clean cat litters is to line the tray with a garbage bag before pouring the sand.

If you are doing some painting around the house, it would be easier for you to clean the paint tray if you first line it with aluminum foil. So, after painting, you simply have to pull out the foil and the tray is ready again. No need to bother with washing off the paint.

Mason jars are perfect as storage for muffin liners and other kitchen items.

If you want to enjoy clear ice cubes [as opposed to the cloudy ones you usually get], you must use boiled water to fill your ice cube trays. Make sure the water has cooled a bit before placing inside the fridge.

Chalk [the ones used by teachers!] can be handy in the closet. Hang a couple of sticks inside the closet to get rid of excess moisture.

Use used toilet paper rolls to organize your cables and wires.

If your kids are so artistic they decided to use crayons to decorate your walls, don’t worry because the marks can be removed using WD-40.