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Kitchen RemodelingMany homeowners don’t realize how important their basement is when it comes to how comfortable and how safe their home is. Plenty of people also fail to realize the awesome options that a finished basement provides to any homeowner. Plenty of stuff can get into the home through a basement that isn’t sealed properly. Many overlook the exterior waterproofing of their basement when they remodel their home or have maintenance done. A properly waterproofed basement does a lot more than just keep the basement from flooding. It can provide a myriad of different benefits. Here are 3 great reasons to waterproof your basement.

1. Finished Basement – It is not possible to have a properly finished basement without first making sure that the exterior of the basement is properly waterproofed. A finished basement does two things for a home. The first thing that a finished basement does is provide the residents of the home with a lot of new living space that they didn’t have before. The second thing that a finished basement does is greatly increase the value of the home when it comes time to resell it. Proper exterior waterproofing of your basement is an essential part of the process of remodeling your basement.

2. Keeps it dry – This one is pretty obvious but a lot of people fail to realize the scope of what keeping a basement dry really means, though. It doesn’t just mean keeping a basement from flooding when it rains or when the winter’s snow melts. It means keeping any kind of moisture out of your home. This will prevent your basement from getting damp or developing mold. It makes the finished basement much more livable and also makes the home much more valuable.

3. Keeps out animals – No one wants mice or other small animals to be able to get into their basement whether it is finished or not. Think about it. Water can get into just about any crack or space in your wall. If your basement is completely waterproofed then no animal can get in either.

Anyone that is considering exterior basement waterproofing should do it. It will greatly improve your existing basement. It could also be the final touch on your finished basement at the end of a remodel. Remodelingcontractor.com is able to send a professional to just about anyone’s basement to give them a free estimate on their basement waterproofing.