Should You Drink the Water From Your Tap?

You may have heard that it’s necessary to drink eight medium glasses of water each day. This is actually only a guideline; some people need more fluids and others need less. It’s also worth noting that you do not have to stick to just drinking water; milk and juices also count towards the fluid intake. That being said, there are still plenty of benefits to be had from drinking water on a regular basis.

But, is it really a good idea to drink the water which comes straight from the tap in your home? Should you drink bottled water instead? Or, is there a better option?

Why drinking tap water may not be a good idea

The water that comes from your tap is obtained from underground, or from lakes and reservoirs, by the water company. They then use chemicals, including chlorine, to treat the water. After treatment, the water is sent along pipes to homes. Along the way, it often gathers items such as dirt and other pollutants. You can see that if you drink tap water, you can also be drinking other substances that you really do not want to.

Bottled water is not a good alternative

You may think that bottled water is safer to drink than tap water, but often this is not actually the case. An additional problem with bottled water is that it’s bad for the environment. The bottles often end up being dumped into landfill sites, or into the ocean. It also takes three times as much water to make a bottle as it does to fill it.

The benefits of filtering water

The best option, if you want clean, fresh and healthy water to drink, is to filter the water which comes straight from your tap. A water cooler filter chills the water which passes through it and removes all of the contaminants that are present.

Water filters use two different types of filtration. Physical filtration removes particles such as dirt from the water. Chemical filtration removes any additives that are present. After the filtration process is complete, you are left with clean and fresh water to drink.

There are plenty of filtration solutions when it comes to filtering the water in your home. You can opt to use a counter top water filter. This type of system is one of the most affordable options as there is no plumbing required. If you want to save space on your counter top, you can have a filtration system fitted under your sink. This is more costly, as it needs to be fitted by a plumber, but you are able to filter more water at once.

You can drink water straight from the tap, but it may not taste good, and it could upset your stomach, depending on what additives are present. It’s a far better idea to use a water filter to remove chemicals and dirt, so you are left with pure water to drink.