What is the cost of cooling your home in hot weather?

slider-2eIf your home is warm during the hot weather you obviously need to cool it down. It’s not healthy to be too hot and it can also be very uncomfortable. The problem is that it can cost money to cool your home and if you are on a tight budget any addition to household running costs is a concern.

We are going to take a look at how much it is likely to cost to keep your home cool during hot weather. We are also going to give you some ideas about what you can do to help reduce these costs.

The cost of keeping your house cool when the weather is hot

Obviously, the cost of using air conditioning varies from property to property. There are several different factors to take into account including the number of people who live in the property and which area you live in. However, it is useful to take a look at some average cooling costs to give you an idea of how much air conditioning systems take out of your household budget. Here is a list of some of the costs involved with running an air conditioning system:

  • A bedroom sized 2.5 kW unit costs around AUS$86 for the summer.
  • A 5kW unit costs around AUS$179 for the summer.
  • A small ducted system that cools the whole property costs around AUS$445 for the summer.

It’s not cheap to run air conditioning in your home but there are ways that you can reduce the costs as much as possible.

How to reduce the cost of cooling your home

One of the best ways to control the cost of using air conditioning in your home is to utilize a system that can be programmed. This means that you can choose only to cool certain areas of your home which automatically helps you to reduce the overall cost. You should also aim to keep your air conditioning set to around 23 to 25 degrees. This should mean that you home is cool enough to live in comfortably at the same time as ensuring your air conditioning operating costs are kept as low as possible.

If the temperature in your home is less than 30 degrees then you may want to consider if it’s worth switching on your air conditioning at all; you do have other options. The use of fans in your home is a good alternative to having the air conditioning switched on. They do not cost nearly as much to operate and they should keep your home cool enough if the temperature is not exceptionally high.

Hopefully, you are now more aware of how much it costs to operate air conditioning systems during hot weather; it’s not cheap but it’s often a necessary expense. If you are thinking of having a system installed you should look for a good air conditioning service where you can get advice and support if you have questions about installation and costs. The good news is that you can reduce the operating costs of any air conditioning system as much as possible using the tips that we have shown you.